ADEumNetworkRequestCallback Protocol Reference

Conforms to NSObject
Declared in ADEumNetworkRequestCallback.h


The ADEumNetworkRequestCallback protocol defines the messages sent to an object as part of creating network request beacons. All methods of this protocol are required.

– networkRequestCallback: required method

Called when a network request is intercepted by the agent.

- (BOOL)networkRequestCallback:(ADEumHTTPRequestTracker *)networkRequest



An ADEumHTTPRequestTracker object containing the request in question


The request in question will be sent through this interface so that it can be modified, in your code, prior to it being recorded as a beacon.

Return YES to have the beacon, modified or not, recorded. Return NO to stop the beacon from being recorded for this occurance.

Currently, only the URL property can be modified, in the future other properties will/may be added. Calling the -reportDone on this object will have no effect.

Warning: This method will be performed synchronously so the operation should return quickly.

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