ADEumCrashReportCallback Protocol Reference

Conforms to NSObject
Declared in ADEumCrashReportCallback.h


The ADEumCrashReportCallback protocol defines the messages sent to an object as part of creating crash reports. All of the methods of this protocol are required.

– onCrashesReported: required method

Called when a crash report is about to be sent.

- (void)onCrashesReported:(NSArray<ADEumCrashReportSummary*> *)summaries



An array of ADEumCrashReportSummary objects.


Typically the summaries will have a size of 1, but if the app is crashing very early during start up, summaries could be larger.

Warning: This method will be scheduled on the main thread, so any long operations should be performed asynchronously.

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