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AppDynamics.Agent.ServerCorrelationHeaders Class Reference

Server correlation headers. More...

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static IDictionary< string, IList< string > > Generate [get]
 Gets the HTTP headers that should be set on outgoing requests. More...

Detailed Description

Server correlation headers.

When using HTTPRequestTracker to report custom HTTP requests, you can use this class to correlate those requests with business transactions in a backend APM app.

To do so, use the Generate property to retrieve a list of headers, and set those header values on each outgoing HTTP request. Then, when you receive your response from the backend, pass all response headers to HTTPRequestTracker.ResponseHeaderFields

Property Documentation

§ Generate

IDictionary<string, IList<string> > AppDynamics.Agent.ServerCorrelationHeaders.Generate

Gets the HTTP headers that should be set on outgoing requests.

A Dictionary of header names and values.

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