AppDynamics Xamarin SDK  2021.9.0
Real user monitoring for your Xamarin app.
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AppDynamics.Agent.Forms.UiInstrumentation Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static bool GetIsInstrumented (BindableObject target)
static void SetIsInstrumented (BindableObject target, bool value)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly BindableProperty IsInstrumentedProperty

Member Data Documentation

§ IsInstrumentedProperty

readonly BindableProperty AppDynamics.Agent.Forms.UiInstrumentation.IsInstrumentedProperty
Initial value:
= BindableProperty.CreateAttached(
propertyName: "IsInstrumented",
returnType: typeof(bool),
declaringType: typeof(View),
defaultValue: false,
propertyChanged: IsInstrumentedChanged)

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