AppDynamics C/C++ SDK  21.3
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appd::sdk::Frame Class Reference

#include <appdynamics.h>

Public Member Functions

 Frame (BT &bt, appd_frame_type frame_type, const char *class_name, const char *method_name, const char *file, int line_number)
 Frame ()=delete
 Frame (const Frame &)=delete
Frameoperator= (const Frame &)=delete
 ~Frame ()

Private Attributes

appd_frame_handle m_frame_handle

Detailed Description

Represents a frame in a call graph that can be reported with a business transaction.

Each business transaction has a stack of active frames. When a Frame object is constructed, it is pushed onto the business transaction's stack. The constructed Frame has as its parent the Frame that was at the top of the stack at the time of its construction. If the stack was empty when the Frame was created, it is the root of the business transaction's call graph and has no parent.

It is recommended to create these objects on the stack (with the RAII pattern) and from a single thread.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Frame() [1/3]

appd::sdk::Frame::Frame ( BT bt,
appd_frame_type  frame_type,
const char *  class_name,
const char *  method_name,
const char *  file,
int  line_number 
btThe business transaction object that owns this function call.
frame_typeThe type of the frame. When used in C or C++ code, use APPD_FRAME_TYPE_CPP.
class_nameThe name of the class if this method is a member of the class, else NULL.
method_nameThe name of the method.
fileThe path of the source file.
line_numberThe line number in the source file.

◆ Frame() [2/3]

appd::sdk::Frame::Frame ( )

◆ Frame() [3/3]

appd::sdk::Frame::Frame ( const Frame )

◆ ~Frame()

appd::sdk::Frame::~Frame ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

Frame& appd::sdk::Frame::operator= ( const Frame )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bt

BT& appd::sdk::Frame::m_bt

◆ m_frame_handle

appd_frame_handle appd::sdk::Frame::m_frame_handle

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